Hardox Plates – The renowned hard and tough steel

Hardox Plates

Hardox steel is also known as the wear resistant steel, mainly due to its increased toughness and hardness. This is why Hardox Steel Plates sets the standard worldwide for Abrasion Resistant Steel (AR) steel. Hardox® offers better wear resistance than any of its counterparts in any and all of the aggressive wear and tear environments, along with higher payload capacity and longer service life. Hardox wear plate comes with a never before thickness of 0.1 mm – 160 mm. This material is known for its high hardness, uniform evenness and high strength. The weight of the material is diminished eventually. This is conceivable because of the fact that the materials high strength enables more slender metal sheets to be utilised. These materials does not lose its impact protection even at low temperatures. As these sheets and plates have great welding and machining properties, ensuing repairs of wearing parts isn’t an issue. Picking Wear plates with higher hardness levels leads to a decrease in the weight of a construction by up to 15 %. An expansion by 50 Brinell broadens the life of the work piece by 50 to 80 percent. Hardox is a tempered and quenched steel. Hardening and tempering sheets and plates creates the remarkable properties, which can be lost if worked inaccurately. Along these lines safeguards and defensive measures must be taken when bowing, welding, cutting and crushing.

Hardox Plates

Different Types of Hardox Plates are currently available in the market, all of which  are offered with PVC coated, matt finish, No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, BA, 2B, etc. finish depending on material grades to suit the requirements and fit the usage. Hardox 400 Plates is hardened steel with abrasion resistant steel with a typical hardness of 415 BHN. They exhibit high resistance to abrasion coupled with high workability and weld ability. It has about 3 times the abrasion resistance as that of normal steel and are therefore used for applications such as ore scrappers, dump trucks, crusher line plates etc. Hardox 500 Plates are one of the Common Grades of Hardox Plates which are offered in thickness up to 120 mm are they are suitable for applications such as mining, conveyor belts and dump trucks. Hot Galvanized Plates with thickness of 5mm – 350 mm and 3000 mm to 12000 mm length are an industry favourite. Hardox 450 Plates has an amazing welding and machining properties, guaranteeing simple use in different industries and sectors.

Where to Buy Hardox Plates

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