A Complete Guide to ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Flanges

ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Flanges Manufacturer

ASTM A105 is a carbon steel material grade that has the greatest and widespread use. This is used in manufacturing forge piping components. Some of them are flange and forge fittings. They are for smaller diameter piping. This carbon steel material grade ASTM A105 is the best fit in pressure systems that need service at high temperatures.

Flanges, Forged Fittings, Valve Bodies, etc. are some of the components manufactured by Carbon Steel ASTM A105. Further, some of the different types of ASTM A105 flanges are as follows:

Types of ASTM A105 Flanges

  • ASTM A105 WeldNeck Flanges:
    The piping process witnesses WeldNeck flanges as the most common ones used. Butt welding helps in providing the greatest level of joining integrity. A high temperature and pressure application make use of this flange. But, it is bulkier and costlier in comparison to others.
  • ASTM A105 Blind Flanges:
    This is like a blank disc having a bolt hole. These function in combination with other flanges for isolating the piping process. They also function when you wish to end piping. Also, these act as manhole covers for the vessel on use.
  • ASTM A105 Slip-on Flanges:
    They have a hole that matches the pipe’s outside diameter for the pipe to pass from. You can place it on the pipe and weld it in and out. This is a suitable option when you are working with an application that has temperature variation and low pressure.
  • ASTM A105 Lap Joint Flanges:
    This comes with 2 parts that are the stub end, and the loose backing flange. The butt-welding of the stub end takes place. But, the other part moves in a free motion. Both of these parts don’t have to be a result of the same material. Carbon steel can save you quite some money in manufacturing these components.
  • ASTM A105 Orifice Flanges:
    They make use of orifice meters. They help in measuring the rate at which liquids and gases are flowing inside the pipeline. These flanges tend to make separate orifice carriers or tappings in the pipe. Their have facings that are either raised or ring type joint.
  • ASTM A105 Spectacle Blind Flanges:
    This flange is like a steel plate that changes into disc shapes and has a certain degree of thickness. One of them is a solid plate while the other is more like a big steel ring. These discs have a steel section between them that connects them.

CS ASTM A105 Flanges have a major role to play in connecting the pipes with equipment and valves. They help in increasing flexibility for a proper maintenance schedule. You can choose which fits flange you the best.